Thursday, July 3, 2014


I've been trying hard to understand human. Did they just exist to ruin this planet? and I'm not only talking about the nature,but also with their CO-HUMANs. (Sorry for my term,god!it just kills me..the posts and all,their logic.)

Why????????my reaction when I see people talk or post about someone,I mean yeah, I for a while tried to talk about other people,but when I realize that it didn't benefit me at all and it's unfair for the other side, I stopped.(while making this post,my brother called me for a smoke and now I'm feeling better) going back,I'm just in great sadness when I see posts from random person,how she/he talks hard about some other kid who's just trying to have fun,who just wants to feel love,who's just new in a circle,who's just being cared by some,who's just,you know, making the most of it all.Why don't they try to understand every situation? I also hate it when there are people who just suddenly pops out-of-the-blue, who was lost for a long time, and  can't accept the reality of change, i'm terrified to see them still live in the past. How they post about something good for team X  to destroy, to bother, annoy or whatever effin' is that they wanna do to make team B sad, worst case, HURT. Just like that.  (yeah, i feel it). It's a not-so-nice-attitude for a human or a brain who deserves to think beautifully,who deserves peace and serenity. It doesn't benefit both parties. It just ruin relationships, friendship,unity,love,care and so on. :( I hope they would understand what friendship really is. It's about sharing. 

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