Thursday, July 3, 2014


I've been trying hard to understand human. Did they just exist to ruin this planet? and I'm not only talking about the nature,but also with their CO-HUMANs. (Sorry for my term,god!it just kills me..the posts and all,their logic.)

Why????????my reaction when I see people talk or post about someone,I mean yeah, I for a while tried to talk about other people,but when I realize that it didn't benefit me at all and it's unfair for the other side, I stopped.(while making this post,my brother called me for a smoke and now I'm feeling better) going back,I'm just in great sadness when I see posts from random person,how she/he talks hard about some other kid who's just trying to have fun,who just wants to feel love,who's just new in a circle,who's just being cared by some,who's just,you know, making the most of it all.Why don't they try to understand every situation? I also hate it when there are people who just suddenly pops out-of-the-blue, who was lost for a long time, and  can't accept the reality of change, i'm terrified to see them still live in the past. How they post about something good for team X  to destroy, to bother, annoy or whatever effin' is that they wanna do to make team B sad, worst case, HURT. Just like that.  (yeah, i feel it). It's a not-so-nice-attitude for a human or a brain who deserves to think beautifully,who deserves peace and serenity. It doesn't benefit both parties. It just ruin relationships, friendship,unity,love,care and so on. :( I hope they would understand what friendship really is. It's about sharing. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Loooooooooooooooong time.

Yeah,so I had a time to create a blog again!!It's been like forever dear.

Things happened and now I'm here wearing my very own shoes. Got lots of funny,weird,dramatic,inter-galactic and so on experiences, I've been into different places and situations.And with these I found myself sitting outside my boyfriend's house realizing that yeah this is it. This is me now.

As an ordinary, typical being, I've been really working my butt out to prove myself to others. I know myself far more than others but the system made me blind and took me away from my birthright. Like,how can they do this to me? (Other topic) I gave it all, my beliefs, my career, my dreams and my LIFE. Little did I know that life doesn't need equations or pressures,you know, like, just to make it perfect. Life will be life. You just have to take it with simplicity,the way you like it. Honestly, living a life with contentment is like what-the-fuck to me.The more I see things the more I want them to be mine,the more I want to be competitive,the more I want to earn and love material things.(that's what this system is trying to do to us,making us want more of unnecessary stuffs). I got a lot of realizations and I guess I'll share them later on. 

So that's a part of me,a pinch of me. I hope that I can get along with this new blog. Irie!!